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At Infotech Group, we solve problems - no matter the size. We work with clients who need everything from simple one-page websites to complex, multi-stage, software projects. Custom CRM development, marketplaces, AML/KYC modules, security systems, marketing, and more.
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One-stop shop for all your software development and digital marketing needs
Advanced solutions, simplified
Solutions that make sophisticated technologies easy for anybody
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We operate globally, working to make international solutions fit your local needs.
Track your projects, see progress, assign new tasks and comment online.
Our core business is software development. We specialize in CRM systems, marketplaces, AML/KYC modules, cybersecurity, API development, and aggregator platforms. Carryi
We offer complete solutions that take your business online, including landing pages, corporate websites, e-commerce setup, online payment systems, and cloud hosting.
The sky's the limit for your company's digital transformation. We'll help you implement the latest innovations into your business operations.
We offer a full range of 3D modeling services. Interior and exterior architectural visualizations, product design, animation, and more.
We are a trusted Google Street View agency. This is the perfect way to display real estate to clients, or just show off your office!
Development of multimedia content. Specialized production team and equipment for video marketing, presentations, and social media.
Ideal for real estate, event marketing, and construction, we produce and film videos using aerial drones. Carry out object and terrain inspection, mapping, or film advertisements and important events.
Voice overs, mixing and mastering, special effects. Service available in 250 languages and dialects.
We will help your brand stand out! Services include logos, brand identity and guidelines, and print marketing.
Email marketing, SEO, Google AdWords, social media, web advertising distribution networks.
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trusted Google Street View agency
1 000 000+ views on Google Street View and counting
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We have carried out successful projects in a wide range of business sectors - from creating a cybersecurity system for a large petroleum manufacturing firm to developing aggregation software for startups. Our broad experience always leads us to the best solution for our clients.
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Our full portfolio includes projects in the UK, France, Gibraltar, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Slovakia, Poland, the Czech Republic, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, India, the UAE, and Georgia.
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